Slice of Life: Scariest Day of My Life

Two Writing Teachers


Last February, my youngest son, Connor had what we though was a respiratory virus that he had picked up from daycare. He was 11 months old at the time, and typically ate 3 solid meals a day along with several cups of milk as most babies his age did. After 4 days of breathing treatments from his pediatrician, countless failures at eating/drinking fluids, and his body rejecting medication to open his airways, we were sent to the Emergency Room praying to get fluids until he was able to beat this virus. When we arrived at the ER, my life slowly spiraled out of control. He was so dehydrated and weak that all he wanted to do was sleep, however his heart rate kept rising because he was struggling to breathe. After an hour of receiving oxygen, the nurse came in and told me we were going to be flown to Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC. I don’t think I have ever cried and prayed so much in my life because I saw the concern and fear in her eyes. I knew she was trying to keep me positive but the look in her face was absolutely priceless. I felt ate that moment I may lose my son and I have never felt a scarier feeling in the world. After another 15 minutes, Connor slowly began to make progress and was moved from critical condition to stable condition. The Dr. at that time came in and told us that an ambulance was on their way to take us to Children’s Hospital and to prepare to stay there for several days. Being a working mother of 3 I had so many things going through my head I couldn’t even think straight. Where were my other 2 kids going to go? If my husband stayed with the other 2 kids and I went to be with Connor we would all be separated and I didn’t think I could go through this alone. Thankfully, a great friend agreed to help keep my other 2 kids while we were in the hospital so that both my husband and I could be with Connor.

After days of being at Children’s, Connor slowly began to make progress and became stronger each day to where we eventually got to go home and reunite with our other 2 children. The doctors diagnosed him with a respiratory virus called RSV and told us that this virus takes the lives of babies every year. Luckily, Connor’s body was big enough to eventually fight it off, however the critical moments of this experience are forever engraved in my memories as I know some parents were not so lucky. We left Children’s Hospital on Valentine’s Day and have never felt the power of prayer and feeling of love more than we did on this day.


Summer: Dogs and Companionship


Summer Time: No matter how bad my day is going both of playing with my dogs puts a smile on my face. Above is a picture of my dogs Pebbles. She is 12 years old and I have had her since she was only 6 weeks old where I adopted her at the pound. She is my oldest “child,” and I love spending as much time as I can with her. I also have a pure bred black Labrador named Pepper who is almost 7 years old. My dogs are great therapy whether I have had a bad day, my kids are scared of the dark (and need a bed buddy), or just feel lonely. Both of my dogs love to swim, whether it be a lake, ocean, or even a swimming pool. I have many stories where my dogs were not supposed to but jumped into a body of water (usually a lake chasing ducks, ocean chasing sea gulls, or trying to eat the splashes my kids make in a swimming pool.) Its hard to accept that my dogs are getting older and I know the day will come where they will cross the rainbow bridge, but until then we continue to allow them to have the freedom and fun they desire as long as sweet loving companions for my 3 boys, husband, and myself.


Hello world!

Hello World! I’m beginning a blog that will be about the trials and tribulations working moms go through on a daily basis as well as teaching strategies and struggles. I’m a mother of 3 (Boys), a full time middle school teacher, wife, daughter, and friend  who never seems to have enough time for everything. Cleaning house,  paying bills, feeling guilty about the amount of time kids spend in child care, being a good wife, playing/walking my dogs…… It’s Exhausting!!

One of my struggles is time in the classroom after school hours. I constantly feel the need to stay and do additional planning as well as grading and working in my classroom. However I feel I should be home with my own children after a certain time period. The only happy balance I have found is to designate 1-2 days a week to stay after school and the other 3 days I go home at the end of my work day. It gets very difficult at times, but would love any other time saving strategies fellow teachers may have.